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Effective time management is a lifesaving skill for students, especially college and university students. Students almost always have their plates full of pending tasks. Attending lectures throughout the day, giving a presentation, participating in events, and then over the weekends, when students are thinking of partying, they get academic essays to write by    college essay writing service  . In such a condition, without effective time management skills, one won't be able to survive even one year of college. Procrastination. It is the worst enemy of students. It decimates the time management skills of students. Procrastinating, students keep delaying their tasks. 

The piled-up tasks become the worst nightmare of students. Before they know it, they have a looming deadline. They have only a few hours to submit long research essays. In such cases, while some students go crazy and are unable to do anything, others do the worst and start plagiarizing. While the first ones, only failed one assignment or might have only lost meager points on late submission, those who plagiarized, risked being thrown out of college for committing intellectual theft. In such desperate situations, Students are looking for professional essay writers to help them with their tasks on an urgent basis. While such help was near to impossible to find in the past, today, one can find scores of  cheap   essay writing service to help them with their tasks. 

While  this help is also frowned upon in academic societies, it is a thousand times better than plagiarizing and hundreds of times better than risking grades. Writing a thesis is a long and cumbersome process. Many of the students often fail to graduate because of their inability to successfully complete their thesis. Writing a thesis is no walk in the park. However, students who were good essay writer throughout their academic careers have an advantage over other students. 

You should mentally prepare yourself for the challenging task of assignment helpIn addition to strong writing skills, time management skills are very crucial in determining the success of the paper. 

For the sake of this paper, let's focus on how you can manage time while planning your thesis. 

Start  early  

No  matter how long the deadline students are given, it is always short. Therefore, it is always best to start as early as possible. Starting early would not only give you confidence but would also give you a lead on others. 

Make  a timeline for your thesis   

You  must make a rough timeline on the calendar, on your smartphone, or on a piece of paper about the progress of your thesis. You must achieve milestones before within their set time. If you start delaying once, you will keep tolerating throughout. 

Prioritize  your tasks      

  In case, you have several tasks on your hand, you must always make a priority list, and complete the tasks accordingly. 

Say goodbye to procrastination   

  Procrastination is no student's friend. If you do not want to fail your essays and want to complete your tasks on time, you must say goodbye to procrastination. You should do all tasks on time, no matter how meager.

Keep  your supervisor in the loop 

You can arrange weekly meetings with your supervisor. This would not only motivate you to do something during the period between the meetings but would also increase your confidence and motivation level. 

Just  start writing  

Instead  of staring at a blank computer screen for hours, it is better to start writing. It does not have to be perfect. This would not only kick-start the writing process but would also keep you motivated. 

Schedule  a regular time for writing your dissertation    

   No matter how short, you must give your thesis some exclusive time regularly. 

Make  some time for research now and then   Research is a very time-consuming process. It can take days and could discourage students. Therefore, it is advised that you start researching as soon as you find yourself sitting idle in front of a computer. You should make notes during research. Pro tip: Leave enough time for editing and proofreading. You should get help from your supervisor and friends in proofreading. 

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